This bold and atmospheric artwork showcases symmetry from natural forms in a vibrant and audacious way.  Printed onto the incredibly luxurious Fujiflex Supergloss museum-grade archival fine art paper, the exceptional high sheen from this artwork gives an unrivalled irradescent glow as well as tremendous depth and detail.  It is a real show piece for your home or work space.


On display at The shoulder of Mutton Pub, Assington, this artwork can be seen in all its glory, float-mounted and set into a clean, crisp black frame, in small size.  There is also a colour version of this artwork with the same title within our Linden Collection.


The store gives a choice of three standard sizes but if you require a size not listed, please contact the artist and a tailored quote will be provided for you.  We do not list prices for framing, owing to the incomprehensible amount of variety available.  We are happy to assist with your framing requirements though and this is best done on a tailored basis to work with your size and interior styles/colours.  Should you require framing for your artwork purchase, please contact the artist.


All prints are sold mounted.  This means that they are sealed onto a rigid substrate to provide stability and protection.  Unmounted prints on this paper type are incredibly difficult to handle leaving the artwork vulnerable to damage and as such, we do not sell these artworks unmounted.  It also makes the process of framing much simpler.


Artwork size in store imagery is 29 x 36 inches (large).

Saltmarsh Stag (Mono)

  • SMALL:  12 x 15 inches

    MEDIUM:  20 x 24 inches

    LARGE:  29 x 36 inches