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Contemplative and quiet, this artwork is sure to bring you escapism, peace and serenity.  Showcasing the winter-bound, dark mist-shrouded Suffolk countryside, it allows you to truly lose yourself.  It is sure to bring neutral and harmonious tones to your interior spaces whilst still having the wow factor.  This image was captured in Bures, Suffolk.


Printed onto the beautifully luxurious Fujiflex Supergloss fine art paper, it gives an incredible high glass-like sheen, fabulous colour intensity and impressive depth and is sure to be a talking point when on anyone's wall.  On display at The shoulder of Mutton Pub, Assington, this artwork can be seen in all its glory, float-mounted and set into a clean, crisp black frame. 


Lone Tree

£395.00 Regular Price
£316.00Sale Price
  • Off-the-wall refers to you purchasing this artwork directly from the wall at The Shoulder of Mutton Pub 

    The details...

    A sleek black smooth, contemporary tray frame.  The artwork is printed onto the highly luxurious Fujiflex Supergloss fine art museum-grade polyester-based paper and is then mounted onto a Dibond rigid substrate and set onto a wooden subframe which is then float-mounted into the tray frame and sealed.

    Artist certification label to rear.

    Exterior frame measurements 

    573mm x 396mm

    Artwork measurements

    533mm x 356mm

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