Gibraltar Dynamite displays the blast scar of a dynamite stick explosion, historically used to forge roads up the Rock of Gibraltar, enabling effective defence of this overseas UK territory, but also providing roads for cars and bikes.  The Suffolk Regiment, historically based in Bury St. Edmunds, and for which the barracks are named after, were heavily involved in the formation of these roads and the effective defence of the territory and so forever connect this unique place with the county of Suffolk.


This artwork is printed on the indisputable Hanemhule Photorag 100% cotton fine art museum-grade paper.  Giving a rich, succulent and velvety appearance, this paper is incredibly high calibre and gives excellent colour intensity and detail.


This artwork can be physically viewed, along with all other artworks within this collection, at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub in the village of Assington, Suffolk.


All print prices exclude framing.  If you require framing, this can be accomodated but is done on a bespoke/individual basis owing to the extensive options available. please make contact with us directly to discuss your requirements where we can advise/guide you and give you a personalised quotation.  Please note with large sizes, 3mm glass will be required and weight considerations would need to be made in terms of where you plan to hang the artwork. We would recommend using at least two large cleat/Z hanging brackets.


Artwork size in store image is 762mm x 610mm / 30 x 24 inches (Large). Frame size shown is 1000mm x 800mm / 39.5 x 31.5 inches.

Gibraltar Dynamite

  • Small - 381mm x 305mm

    Medium - 508mm x 406mm

    Large - 762mm x 610mm